Apply at night before bed preferably. About 4-6 drops in a circular motion on your face and decolletage area, careful to massage into fine lines and dry areas.

Reminiscent of the deep ocean reflecting a night sky filled with moonlight, Luna Azul Oil is named for the precious blue oils it contains, Moroccan Blue Chamomile, Blue Yarrow and Blue Tansy. Behold, within these oils is equally healing and visually mystical component called Azulene, which has healed, soothed, purified, tamed and restored the skin of mankind since first discovered. Keeping those with skin in rare to frequent “Retrograde” in mind, Luna Azul was curated to tame oily, blemished, and acne prone skin from inflammation.

With focus and intention, apply 3-5 drops to a gently washed face before bed or with your morning routine. In a circular motion on the face, massage oil into the forehead, cheeks and neck with tip of fingers. Give extra attention to fine lines, redness and scars for an invigorating, nourishing, healing facial massage. Store away from heat/ direct sunlight to extend the life of Luna Azul Oil.

"A deeply moisturizing Beauty by Bilal face oil."

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