Beauty by Bilal is a luxurious skin care company. We are a black owned and women empowered business operating out of Atlanta. With a focus on enhancing community life, we also utilize regional Indigenous American Tribal Businesses (and for our future products, we will work directly with African small co-ops), that have ethically sourced chemical free ingredients.

Everything featured on Beauty by Bilal is created in Atlanta, in small batches with beautiful intention and filled with love. All of our products are natural, pure, or vegan and created without additives, artificial colors, chemicals, or toxic preservatives that no one can spell or pronounce! Beauty by Bilal loves to take a holistic approach to skincare by treating the skin, our largest organ, with the earth’s natural gifts. Our products contain the finest essential and cold pressed oils, minerals, special blends of herbal botanicals, food grade ingredients, finely milled clays and more.

We wanted to provide a product line that enhances our experience as humans. Our products are sourced wholesale from local businesses, and co-op’s. Whether a boosting jolt of selfie ready freshness after using our clay facials, or a nourishing glow to quench parched skin; we believe in beautifying your soul and skin from within. Bilal means water, moisture, freshness and sea. The incorporation of elements of water, nature and cleansing are a very important foundation to each jar and bottle that we make.

Each product also contains recommendations on how to further the results of maintaining our beautiful skin. Everyone’s skin and lifestyle are different and a product alone may not create immediate miracle results. Suggestions like increasing your daily water intake, reducing wheat, white sugars and sodas, exercising (and sweating), and even rinsing makeup brushes more often and wiping down our devices and laptops can also help to reduce skin irritation, acne and inflammation.

We are starting off small with just two to three products and will continue to expand our brand as the excitement for Beauty by Bilal grows! We truly and humbly appreciate your support! Please leave us a review of the products so that we can continue to enhance and beautify our skin care lines.

Beautified With: LOVE, INTENTION, PURPOSE, Organic ingredients, NON-GMO’s, all natural, locally grown or sourced oils, herbs, minerals, clay and things! Also bottled in reusable and recyclable glass and environmentally safe plastics.

Better Without: Harsh and toxic BPA and PET plastics, synthetic ingredients, GMO’s, animal by-products, chemicals, fake scents and colors, SLS and petro based oils...

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