Are your products all natural? Yes they sure are. We love pure, raw and unprocessed ingredients, whether in our food or skin care products. We will only offer to our customers the same quality and purity that we use on ourselves.

Where are your products made? All our products are made with love and intention, and packaged to ship here in our Atlanta home office.

Are all your products locally grown? Not everything, but a majority of our products are bought or grown, and harvested from farms and businesses in the United States (New México, South Dakota, and Georgia). We do use some global products that are pretty darn amazing too! We are strive to support ethical manufacturing practices and supporting small micro-finance businesses in different regions when we can.

Why are the oils not always the same color? With naturally occurring color compounds like azulene as is found in our blue chamomile and blue yarrow and blue tansy products, the rich blue varies as it is a natural chamazulene floral pigment compound. It’s hue can be more intense or more subtle. It doesn’t affect the products' healing benefits. The same applies to our facial oils featuring grapeseed and hemp oil, the green hues may vary depending on the batch.

What if I have oily skin? Think-Mates of Like Nature? Oil and oil...go together. We are the “Hand Sanitizer Generation.” We hyper-clean everything including our faces. We don’t carry/create harsh facial washes with sulfates and high suds to strip the beautiful glow from your face! Instead, our facial oils, and balms are filled with absolutely 100% natural ingredients that you can pronounce, well maybe not the scientific names, and the highest purity and quality botanical ingredients from nature. Everything we use is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. Oily skin requires moisture just as much as dry and normal skin does. Rehydrate and put some love on your face

What is the shelf life of Beauty by Bilal products? Stored properly and out of high temperatures and sunlight and away from moisture, they can last from 8-16 months. Seeing as we don’t use any artificial preservatives and harsh chemicals. (Refrigeration can help extend the life of the facial masks once prepared.)

Your shipping rates are a little steep, why? Beauty by Bilal products are mainly filled in glass vessels and can be fragile or heavy. We want your orders to reach you in one piece, so extra packaging for handling the journey to you is necessary. Imagine your Beauty by Bilal products arriving in a cushioned Cadillac!

When should I expect my order? Beauty by Bilal is based in Atlanta and offers local same day or next day delivery for select items and clients locally when in stock. For those outside the Atlanta area, please allow up to 5 business days for your order to ship. All Beauty by Bilal products are handcrafted. From the product mixing and creating, to bottling them, labeling everything and packaging for shipping. We are a small beauty business and not a big corporation so our items do take a somewhat longer to produce than factory made products. Please let us know if you need your order delivered by a certain date and we will try to accommodate your needs.

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